Free Riders members are prior military men and women, fire fighters, community leaders and caring citizens.  We are a non-profit club that is more than just riding motorcycles.  It is concerned and involved in the community.    We are men and women working together  to make our streets and neighborhoods a safer place  to live. Our main purpose is  to give back to the community .   We  hold  fund raisers, benefits, group rides and other activities in order to fill our goal. 

      No you don't have to own a motorcycle to belong.  You just have to have a compassion for bikes and heart of caring for your fellow human being.   Being a member is not just about belonging and wearing a vest with group patches.  It's about participating in club meetings, activaties and events.  Without active members no club or organization can survive or succeed.   It's not just up to the officers to make it work.  Members and officers are a team and it takes team work to make things happen.

We are looking to expand, and have big plans for our future.

We are a Social Riding Group not a Motorcycle Club

Our Goal is to steer away from the stereotypes.
To create a better image of Bike Riders
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